“Consistently knowledgeable, accessible and prepared…”

Contact Attorney Fran Garb for New Jersey real estate transactions
“I engaged Fran Garb to provide legal services for 5 separate real estate transactions in New Jersey over the past 25+ years. These have involved both buying and selling of commercial and residential properties. All of these engagements were handled smoothly, efficiently, successfully by Fran. She was was consistently knowledgeable, accessible and prepared. It never seemed like my work was ‘just another job’ to her.

"Fran is particularly diligent, and proactively goes beyond what might have been expected, to achieve results. As an example, on a commercial real estate transaction, Fran saved me a lot of expense and trouble by doing some research and finding out that a particular commercial building I was considering buying had water problems in the past. Fran’s extra effort led me to steer clear of that structure. Later I found out that the other people who purchased the property did in fact have significant water problems. I was very pleased to have had Fran as my attorney.” -- C.L., Morris County, New Jersey