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What is it like to be Fran J. Garb's client? See for yourself!

“I was awarded a judgement, treble damages and attorney fees…”

Attorney Fran Garb helps victims of consumer fraud

“Fran Garb is a perfectionist with a brilliant, encyclopedic mind. As an attorney, she is absolutely first class. She has prepared wills, advanced healthcare directives and powers of attorneys for two generations of my family, my mother and myself. I could not have been more pleased with her work. Fran is very thorough and does everything correctly. When my mother passed away, there were no questions or problems to solve. “Recently I was a victim of consumer fraud by construction contractors. Of course, I engaged Fran to address this problem. I was awarded a judgement, treble damages and attorney fees…

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“Fran Garb helped me beat age discrimination at my job.”

“I had been working at a small industrial manufacturing company, in a management position for seven years, when I was suddenly terminated, with no notice in 2005. I was 62 years old at the time, and earning $80,000 a year. My boss was younger than I was, and I suspected that I had been let go so he could hire someone else that was younger. I felt that I had been discriminated against and decided to consult a lawyer. Someone referred me to Fran Garb. “When I first met with Fran, I felt comfortable with her, and confident that she…

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“Our children won’t have to go through what we went through.”

“Three years ago, when my mother had passed away suddenly, it was a very tumultuous time for me, especially because my father had developed dementia, and wasn’t able to help us sort out and manage their finances and my mother’s estate. We knew we needed legal help. My husband found Fran Garb on the internet! Fran was a great support, right by my side, helping us through this very difficult time. She is a person of remarkable integrity and reliability, who is genuinely concerned with regard to her clients and their well being. She is enthusiastic, dependable and her credibility…

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“She is tough and tenacious and doesn’t let go.”

“Periodically, over the last 30 years, I have asked Fran Garb to handle work for my law firm and clients in the areas of insurance subrogation and estate matters in New Jersey. I was uniformly pleased with the outcomes. “I have trusted Fran time and again because I have complete confidence in her for two reasons. One is, I always know she will get the work done, thoroughly, reliably, and responsively. “The other reason is, when Fran needs to be, she is tough, and tenacious, and doesn’t let go. In fact, as an example, there was one subrogation case where…

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“We had a very good outcome.”

“Fran Garb has helped me with a number of legal matters over the years. She is very thorough, capable, and a pleasure to work with. She successfully provided me with counsel on a number of commercial and residential real estate transactions. “She also handled two trademark cases for me. “One of these was an instance where the small record label I owned had its trademark stolen by a much larger record company which was part of a corporate conglomerate owned by Rupert Murdoch. They thought they’d intimidate us by making us litigate the case on their turf in Nashville, but Fran…

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“She was my Rock…”

“Fran Garb was more than just my attorney during a difficult time, she was my rock. She was dedicated to the most supportive outcome for me and my two children. During an emotional time when I couldn’t see past the next 24 hours, Fran calmly took control and guided me to smart, strategic decisions that would positively impact my financial future. Fran and everyone in her office always made me feel like I was a priority with every call I made or email I sent. I am forever grateful for her passionate commitment to the most positive outcome regarding my…

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“Consistently knowledgeable, accessible and prepared…”

“I engaged Fran Garb to provide legal services for 5 separate real estate transactions in New Jersey over the past 25+ years. These have involved both buying and selling of commercial and residential properties. All of these engagements were handled smoothly, efficiently, successfully by Fran. She was was consistently knowledgeable, accessible and prepared. It never seemed like my work was ‘just another job’ to her. “Fran is particularly diligent, and proactively goes beyond what might have been expected, to achieve results. As an example, on a commercial real estate transaction, Fran saved me a lot of expense and trouble by…

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“Fran was supportive, informative and pro-active…”

Morristown NJ Attorney Fran Garb is supportive, informative, proactive

“My father and step-mother introduced me to Fran Garb in 2013. They were working with her to develop their estate plan and asset preservation. Their trust in her was unequivocal. Fran demonstrated great compassion for them, reducing their estate-planning anxiety. It was important to them that Fran fully explained the complex strategies devised to meet their future elder-care needs. Clearly Fran had worked very hard, respecting their intentions and wishes while providing sound advice for their best interest. “As a result of Fran’s efforts, they were able to choose their lifestyle and receive the quality care they needed in their…

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