“We had a very good outcome.”

"Fran Garb has helped me with a number of legal matters over the years. She is very thorough, capable, and a pleasure to work with. She successfully provided me with counsel on a number of commercial and residential real estate transactions.

"She also handled two trademark cases for me.

"One of these was an instance where the small record label I owned had its trademark stolen by a much larger record company which was part of a corporate conglomerate owned by Rupert Murdoch. They thought they’d intimidate us by making us litigate the case on their turf in Nashville, but Fran got herself temporarily admitted to the bar in Tennessee, pulled in experts and managed the legal team in conjunction with local counsel. Fran kept the documents going and the case moving, and in the end, we had a very good outcome. I’d definitely recommend her to others." -- MY, Hudson County, NJ