“She is tough and tenacious and doesn’t let go.”

"Periodically, over the last 30 years, I have asked Fran Garb to handle work for my law firm and clients in the areas of insurance subrogation and estate matters in New Jersey. I was uniformly pleased with the outcomes.

"I have trusted Fran time and again because I have complete confidence in her for two reasons. One is, I always know she will get the work done, thoroughly, reliably, and responsively.

"The other reason is, when Fran needs to be, she is tough, and tenacious, and doesn’t let go. In fact, as an example, there was one subrogation case where it looked like we would never get paid. Lots of people would have walked away, but Fran won a judgment, and persisted for three years until we were paid. That kind of performance is the basis for my great confidence in working with Fran."-- BS, NYC law firm