“Our children won’t have to go through what we went through.”

"Three years ago, when my mother had passed away suddenly, it was a very tumultuous time for me, especially because my father had developed dementia, and wasn’t able to help us sort out and manage their finances and my mother’s estate.

We knew we needed legal help. My husband found Fran Garb on the internet!

Fran was a great support, right by my side, helping us through this very difficult time. She is a person of remarkable integrity and reliability, who is genuinely concerned with regard to her clients and their well being. She is enthusiastic, dependable and her credibility is without question.

When my parents’ financial affairs were resolved, Fran counseled my husband and me so we were able to get all our own papers in order, with wills and everything else pretty much all mapped out. Now our children will not have to go through what we went through. It's a big relief!" -- AV, Morris County, NJ